Legend of dragon

Ying and Yang – The balance between darkness and light.Without balance ,the world teeters on the brink.Ang and Ling ,brother and sister,twins born in the year of the Dragon,with a unique destiny.Ang is attracted by the light ,Ling by the darkness… The Twelve Signs of the Ancient Chinese Zodiac,each has its own temple each temple has its own guardian.The guardians undergo a physical change when they are forced to defend their temple,a metamorphosis that reflects the skills and likeness of the zodiac creature they represent.If one could actually attain these twelve astonishing ancient powers they would become virtually unstoppable.Which is precisely what the Zodiac Master has been attempting to do.Only one thing has stood in his way the golden dragon! Ang Leung,never dreamed that he would be the next Golden Dragon.He always assumed his twin sister,Ling ,the best fighter of the Dragon Dojo run by their mentor Master Chin,was next in line.Ling is deeply humiliated.She swears to take vengeance upon those who betrayed her,starting with her brother and Master Chin.The lure of power from the Zodiac Master proves too much for Ling.Her hatred leads her into darkness and she becomes the Shadow Dragon… No one can anticipate the twists and turns the entangled lives of our heroes and villains wil take.Let the adventure begin…